Sunday, June 12, 2016


hI!!! Im getting braces like REALLY SOON. Im left with 5 more days to eat my heart out AHAHAHA IM SCARED MOM. Since loooong time ago ive been convinced to go get braces by my lovely family because my teeth r not straight frm the side :-) (how gross im stating my imperfection) i wasnt rlly convinced and find them rlly rude bc i tot i looked alright when i smile HAHAHAHA WALAO BHB ok. I lowkey felt insecure about my teeth but i rlly dw to look like a dork with braces. So then i discovered the holy invisalign!!! BUT IT COST A BOMB and my parents say i siao ;-; so i was like in between whether i should get braces so i would look like a hot bitch afterwards (good bite and good teeth makes yr jaw and face looks btr yknow) or just live about my life w my lowkey BIGGEST INSECURE lol.

So long story short i decided to get braces haha. Last month i believe.....??? Before my MYE i went to the dental and had a consultation !!!! It cost around $3800??? Excluding the price of xray, photographs, extraction and teeth mold all that fun stuff *haha fun* SOOO total its $4k plus lol the difference. ok so, I tot i didnt need any extraction bc my teeth are not like overcrowded and pretty straight in line. Little did my uneducated dumbass know, i needed to extract 4 teeth :') aiya reasons being to pull the teeth back and straighten etc etc. alright thats the consultation part.

Next was the photographs, xray, teeth mold etc. Having the photos taken felt like taking a mugshot HAHAHAHA and i didnt put on makeup that day lol so i srsly dw to see my ugly ass face at the end of my braces journey. Afterwards was xray, eeeeh no big deal just stay still and let the machine do its job. After the xray were done, I REALISED I HAVE A WISDOM TOOTH omg im so sad yall. ISNT IT DISGUSTING LIKE I WILL HAVE TO EXTRACT THAT BITCH OUT ONE DAY :-( The teeth mold was actually my fav part HAHAHA ive heard from various ppl that the mold will make u gag and one of my friend even puked on the fuckin mold wtf.. Even the dentist told me that i might gag AHA. I was scared DUH idw to embarrass myself yknow!!!! In the end the mold was ok, maybe bc my throat is not as shallow hhahaha is that even a thing.. Or i have high tolerance of gag reflexes. Also be warned that the mold taste like SHIT. when he takes out the harden mold, IT FEELS WEIRD yet good HAHAHA. And then we have the next appnt which is extraction:')

The day that ive been dreading since the day after consultation... Fucking extracting 4 motherfucking tooth. YALL i cannot describe to u how fucking scared i was aha. One, im scared of blood and more importantly i cannot stand the taste of blood. Two, thr is going to be not 1 not 2 not 4 BUT 8 INJECTIONS INTO MY GUMS YALL. I almost cant handle injections on my arm HOW TO TAHAN INJECTIONS IN MY MOUTH. Three, idw to look embarrassing after the extraction haha yknow the gauge look omg horrendous. WELP i didnt have any choice but to suffer the pain i alrdy suffered. I asked the dentist if i could use my phone (fuck im stupid dont judge me, i wanted smth to distract myself ok) she said no AHAHAHA SHIT. So here goes, the first injection she did was on my bottom gums. when i say it hurts like dog rape, IT FUCKING DOES. HOEMYGOD IT WAS 283727372 TIMES WORSE THAN I EXPECTED. When the needle goes into yr gums omg i hate it i hate it i hate it. The whole time my hands were sweating and i was holding my phone SO TIGHTLY if it was someones hand im sure yo bones gon b breaking hunny. LEMME TELL U, THE WORSE ARE THE UPPER GUMS. Omf i swear give me a lifetime supply of oxygen to do this over again, i pass HAHAHA. But luckily it nunbs right away. And like my mouth was so numb i dek wheres my lips so i can get water to rinse my mouth and it felt like my lips were RLLY SWOLLEN. But theyre not. Theeen comes the extraction, which didnt hurt AT ALL, crazy huh. i think i lost quite alot of blood... Idk i cant even feel my mouth and cant taste anyth as well HAHAH and i droolled all over myself in the clinic hahahah i didnt even know (ps i asked for mask so its not embarrassing)

After likeeee 30 mins, im still feeling numb but idk which part of my mouth was soooo uncomfortable I can't. It felt rlly sore and weird and uncomfortable.... ;-; I WAS HELLA HUNGRY and i didnt dare to eat anything haha bc i was afraid shit will get stuck in the socket. Annnd i ended up having pizza HAHAHA first mistake.. IT GOT STUCK EVERYWHERE CB. Its rlly disgusting i have to dig out shit frm the bloody socket omg. The worst experience so far is few days after the extraction, i got 10 fucking ulcers. 10 LEH. All of it were on my lip. I srsly think that one of the socket got infected (or isit dry socket idek bro) BECAUSE OF THE PIZZA I ATE. Omg i hate myself. U got no idea how much pain i was going thru and honestly i would rather go thru the injections again than having 10 mouth sores and 4 raw sockets (right, the irony) the ulcers got sooooo fucking huge and SO PAINFUL i was on the verge of crying really. I couldnt even drink water without spilling like a dumbfuck. Bc thr were so many of them i can even go for the next appnt which is to put on the braces. Sooo i have to reschedule the appnt to tis coming sat!!! omg im so excited.

Now i am 97% recovered from the mouth sores agony and cant wait to get more when my braces are on hahahahahahahahahahaha jk im rlly not looking forward for the physical pain w braces on. Holy shit is this blog post long!!! I guesssssss i will update again when i put on my braces!!!! Oh my gosh i cant wait woo!!! HAHHEHEHEG BYE

Friday, May 22, 2015


LMAO HI I'M BACK?????? i havent update my blog because i was too fucking lazy zz. My last post was like last year and it was about me dying my hair LOL SO BOLIAO HELP i feel like banging the wall after going through all my old posts zzzzz LAME AND STUPID HAHAHAHA. As a result, i deleted alot of my noob posts.

Just ended MYE and i'm sooooo gonna fail geography, amath and emath hehe #notevenguilty But i swear i will work hard like legit after MYE which is like now but AIYA just give me few weeks of breaks then i start working hard okay :3 But tbh 80% of it is the teachers fault lorh. My geog teacher talk so FUCKING SLOW WALAN EH. I SWEAR MAN OMG, KNN also like to aim me for no fucking reason -_- chao ah neh. And my amath teacher fucking cried in one of the lessons because we very noisy??? kaopei we so diam sia somemore the lesson just start like literally 10 mins after the bell ring. And she suddenly sob sob smlj. And then she start comparing my class with another express class. OBVIOUSLY she say my class is better la (duh) But srsly lor, talk abit will die isit omg and we also never talk very loud lorh. AND NOT LIKE WE DIAM THEN YOUR TEACHING WILL GO ANY BETTER RIGHT LOL KAOPEI KKK. And my emath teacher is one of the most annoying and bhb teacher that i FUCKING HATE THE MOST. ccb always aim me and a few of my classmates and ask stupid questions that he obviously know that idk and of course i will guailan back lah VERY PEKCEK YOU KNOW. Buuuut his teaching not bad lah, just he needs to shut the fuck up and just teach.

Just basically i have the worst subject teachers ever this year.

Now that i'm sec 3, there's alot more problems in school zz which makes me hate more people but also i met alot of new friends :D 2015 so far quite alot of great things happened to me and also going to happen to me!!!! One of the best thing is fucking KATY PERRY CONCERT OMFG. I'll probably write a separate post about it HAHA. Annnnnd i pierced my ears yesterday heh #brave. HAHAHA FML AND I CRACKED MY IPHONE 6 but i fixed it already *smirks* And also i grew to be more vain :P Makeup are like my needs when going out (lol but i look like shit in school because #nomakeup #nofilter)

Ok sian idk what to say anymore in this post. I'll probably regret posting this post because it's abit stupid and boliao also HAHA paiseh leh. I'm just gonna blog about other shit individually HAHAHA. So bye... for now :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2014



HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO i know i srsly need to blog more often but i really have nothing to blog and i'm way too lazy to blog about last day of school of 2014 because there's way too many pictures to transfer from my phone to the laptop. Maybe next week when i feel sibei hard working i MIGHT blog about last day of school and shit like that. But also because recently "my class" argued over about a fucking comment. They can deal with it the easy way but some people that's aint involve like to act hero and kaopei so there's that. I ain't gonna go into that bullshit because we ain gonna see each other fucking face, well mostly, next fucking year. So shut the fuck up classmates, i wont see yo damn face again next year. Sick of it for the 2 years. #tellingthetruth #keepthebloodinyourvagina

P fucking S, don't like what i said? Didn't invite you to come and read kk thx. This is my blog, my space, my opinion so shoo bitch. 

Okay back to the main thing. (That's just my rants so deal with it) Erm yeah as you can see the title, it says i'm not a virgin. Shut your judgements to yo damn self first until you read finish the whole thing :) Few weeks ago, my mom sent the car for servicing so we took taxi to shop for groceries at meidi-ya a japanese supermarket. As my mom was browsing for some cotton balls, i just look around and then i saw alot of liese hair dye. I dont know why i'm so tempted to dye my hair when i saw the hair sample thingy. The only things that went through my head was I WANT NICER HAIR, I WANT BROWN HAIR, I WANT TO STEP. 

But years ago i swore that i will never dye my hair ever till i grow grey hair... i know stupid XD At that time i was like aiya yolo, breaking a promise wont kill a person anyway HEHE :3 Soooooo i ask my mom "mommy, can i dye my hair???" At first she like huhhhh....???? She didn't quite want me to dye and then she's like aiya ok lah, as your bdae present lorh. Thennnnn we proceed to choosing the color. Initially i wanted to go for marshmallow brown or milk tea but my mom said those brown very normal. Like normal brown like that. So she chose chiffon beige for me and i kind of like it because it is like this very nice light brown with a little golden shade to it. 


ok paiseh. THEN HOR, i was quite hesitated whether i should really dye my hair... Because i thought it would damage my hair like a broom ya know. Not tryna brag but my natural hair is actually pretty damn healthy and smooth and soft. So i'm afraid it's not gonna stay as it anymore. But hey, no pain no gain right. 

SOOOOOO i stood there holding on the hair dye for 5 minutes and finally decided to bought it. I was indeed sibei excited to go home and try immediately but sadly the car was still in service so my mom and i have to wait for about 1 hour more till we get our car back then go home. Liang court also have nothing to shop one lorh srsly, so we found a ramen restaurant that doesn't even have a single damn soul inside. So we sat outside where there's tables and chairs to just rest for awhile. THEN I HESITATED AGAIN WHETHER  I SHOULD REALLY REALLY DYE MY HAIR. My mom was like haiya you dw dye just keep it lah, let your sister have it then. Ofc i was like hell naw. And i just aiya sua lah just fucking yolo and nike. #justdoit 

So when we finally got our car back and went back home, i was hella excited to dye my hair because it was my first time what. I was extremely scared i would accidentally dye my neck and face as well XD 

I start mixing the products tgt and because the liese hair dye is in foam state so i squeeze like a palm size amount of the foam and smack it on my hair and tried to do like a rubbing motion. I thought i did smt wrong bc that shit disappeared in my hair. But i just keep continue lah then it worked as it is suppose to. But the smell is damn overwhelming lorh. After like a while, i alrdy covered my whole hair with foam buuuuuuut there's still alot of product left. So i just take the leftover and rub it on top of my head. Probably not the best idea. 

Finally when i wash away the foam and continue to bathe, i came out of the shower naked to get something and then i look in the mirror i was like holy shit did a golden monkey poop on me. Yall know when hair is wet you cant really see the colour but mine, HAHAHAH i can totally see the colour and its sibei bright. When my hair was completely dry, i was freaking happy with the colour HOHOHOHOHO. 

this is weeks after dying my hair

this is right after i dye and dry my hair

the set up ;D

Yup so that's my first time hair dying experience :D If you're still wondering how does the title even relate to hair dying, pls get help :P If you really believe I'm not a virgin, means you believe that your father gave birth to you ;) 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

USS WOOHOO (delayed for like 2 week HEHE SORRY)

Supppp reader. You know i know we all know i can never update my blog on time :P Which explain why this entry is being delayed for 1 week plus HEHE. So, i went to uss on 17 of oct with my good friends (aka my bbs *insert pedo emoji*) Daphne, Jayne and Clarissa. There wasn't many people bc our school was having promotion day. And thankfully there wasn't any rain woohoo! :D

When we got there to buy our seasonal pass, the queue was quite long but it was moving very quickly so no problem. The problem starts when we went to get our actual pass made afterwards. The queue was short but hor. The employees is so fucking slow, even if i play 10 rides of mummy the line still won't move. And the erxin girl that helped us with our pass took my picture ugly as hell. And she spelled Clar's name wrongly HAHAHAHA.

Okayyyy, long story short, after all that we went for the rides YAYYYY. We took super lots of photos and went cray cray. The first ride we took was madagascar :D The you know, kiddish kiddish one HAHAHHAAHA but still fun :3 Oh ya, at first i'm freaking scared of the mummy ride, but in the end we took the ride like 4 or 5 times HAHAHA. WE EVEN THOUGHT OF WHAT POSE SHOULD WE DO XD I wish i had the photos *insert laugh till cry emoji*.

We took sibei lots of photos as i mentioned earlier and most of it are unglams HAHA. Here ya go ;)

That's clar, me and jayne :D crds to daphneeee

yeahhhh my face ikik sibei chio HAHAHA but look at jayne LMAO

#candid bitch 

we got bored while walking to sentosa HAHAHA

we got bored while queueing for our pass making shit

Madagascar crate adventure yayyyy

Yay for group shotzzz

*insert pedo emoji*

cutest madagascar merry go round eva

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hey. i do ads/sponsorships. contact me at

group shotzzz at far far away land ????

we look awkward HAHAHA

Polaroid grp shot awwww yeahhhh

with the amazing not really daphneeee :3

i whip mah hair back and forth

4d shrek movieeee

uss khakis woohoo

jumpshot w/o daphne bb :( 

we found a severed arm. totally normal ;) 

fav grp shot :D

fav grp shot 2 :D

jurassic park yaaaaaz


aw clar bb

bc i look like shit :)

#candid really i swear hahahaha

step ;)

i think we cute

same thing, bc i look like shit :))

hi shitty face @ da back HAHAHAH

awww with daphne bb :3

group shots <3

flip hair grp shotz <33

ps. daphne tat lil lucky shiet got a solo POLAROID with elmo :< blame the chao ah neh.

polaroid grp shot <3 :D

my legs longer than yr life :P

yay for sesame street shop 


tbh, idk when was this HAHAHA

bc i scared daphne take unglam pic of me :(


annnnnd we went to vivo to shop for awhile and i tried on this sibei chio maxi dress :D @ h&m YAYZ

Okayyyy, i know this entry is SUPERRRRR delayed XD and it's so delayed we're going to uss tomorrow HAHAHA. Sorry bbs ;P Okayyyy i shall end here :) Do check out daphne's blog for more of our picturesssss and follow my instagram for more unglams too :D

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For clarissa, jayne and daphne's instagram. go to daphne's blog and you'll find it :D